How to change site and home url wordpress

How To Change Site and Home URL WP Database

Change Domain Name In WordPress Log in to WordPress Click on the Settings menu. Select General. Update these fields with the new domain name: WordPress Address (URL) Site Address Click Save Changes. Change Domain In Database Log in to phpMyAdmin Click on your Database Name on the left. Select wp_optoins. Find the Site and Home URL Update these fields with the new domain name Click Save Changes.

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WordPress Site Error

How To Fix Database Connection Error WordPress

How To Fix WordPress Database Connection Error If you are seeing this error above when going to your website for WordPress, you probably have a database connection string issue.  Database connection strings are found within the wp-config file. You will need to update them to the correct username and password as well as the database name. *note wp-config is found in your WordPress root directory   Reasons for seeing database error If you have recently migrated your WordPress site, created a new database with new username, password, database name or change WordPress table prefix. Then you will need to update your connection strings found within the wp-config file of WordPress.… Read More

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